Secret to success? Gislen Software celebrates 21 year

Gislen Software celebrated 21 years in business.

Gislen Software is not your average software company. During its 21st year in business, the company has celebrated many victories. The long-standing team received awards for excellence in the IT & IT Enabled Services sector from The Times Group, Federal Bank and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The accolades continue with two awards from ECGC and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The first for Best Services Exporter. The second for Best Overall Exporter among smaller companies in India. What is the secret to success?

Gislen Software was founded in 1994

Gislen Software serves well-known international clients such as ABB, PostNord (the Post office of Sweden and Denmark), Scandinavian Airlines, Swedish Match, Air Business (a subsidiary of the Irish Post), EACTS and TNS Sifo. The company has also worked with a number of successful start-ups. It’s long term partnership with Epical Group has also contributed to the growth. Gislen Software provides two main services to its clients; General Software Development for Server side and mobile applications, and Integration Services.

Gislen Software’s Secret to Success: A Unique Work Culture

We strongly believe that our secret to success has been its unique work culture. Gislen Software is all about teamwork. At Gislen Software we empower our employees to communicate directly with clients, to make decisions independently and to support their peers. We train our employees to work successfully across cultural barriers. Gislen Software has a very low employee attrition rate and today, some employees are also shareholders. The Managing Director Mr Mikael Gislén stated in his anniversary speech

“Together, we have made Gislen Software a success. Together, we have made it possible to celebrate our twenty-first milestone anniversary. Together we received the best ever customer ratings!”

The company’s success was recently measured with top scores in a market survey conducted by TNS. He further stated

“We have, in the last years moved from being an average company to one which constantly exceeds our client’s expectations”.

“While the growth our company has experienced over the years is motivating, the real measure of success is how our staff has expanded and evolved their skill-sets and our exceptionally low attrition rate.

While Gislen Software is dedicated to producing the highest quality of work for its clients, the management team always finds time for fun and team building as part of the company’s Employee Health program. In the last year the company conducted a Table Tennis tournament, a Carom board tournament and employees participated in 5 marathons. Gislen Software has a strong CSR program. In 2015 the company donated 10% of the company’s profit to charities and sponsored an annual marathon.

Anniversary Event

We celebrated our 21st anniversary at the Hotel Grand Palace in Chromepet. The Managing Director had a presentation which was then followed by a 21-themed celebration. Employees who worked for 21 days, 21 months, and 21 years or had joined the company at 21 shared their experiences. 21 great achievements from the last year were also presented. After that, we had a great buffet dinner.

About Gislen Software

Gislen Software was started by the Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Gislen in 1994. It has since then provided outsourced development services. Gislen Software is made up of a team of excellent developers located in Chennai (formerly Madras) in South India. The company is focused on producing high-quality solutions that help its clients to, meet their critical IT needs. The company has more than 70 employees and is certified as per ISO 9001:2008 and a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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