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DEBATT: Artificiell intelligens – framtidslöfte eller dystopiskt hot?

This is a translated article published in the Swedish online newspaper Bulletin. It discusses the potential dangers of unregulated AI.

We must ensure a balanced development of AI, stressing the need for ethical and legal frameworks to ensure AI benefits humanity.

Find great IT supplier in India

India has long been a powerhouse in information technology and software services, and has established itself as a destination for European businesses seeking high-quality software services.

This article explores how to benefit from developing software in India.

For the last accounting year 2022-23 we contributed to two different United Nations sponsored projects in India.

However the total number of carbon equivalents was still three times our actual calculated footprint of 160 tons.

In the wake of OpenAI’s GPT-4 released in February 2023 and Microsoft and Google’s announcements of new AI-based assistants, our team has been hard at work developing an innovative tool to reshape how developers work.

We need beta testers! Do you want to help us?

In our recent annual customer satisfaction survey, 100% said they were very satisfied or satisfied, and 95% that they would recommend us!

In total, 21 respondents answered on our customer survey covering almost all our clients. We are grateful for the fantastic feedback!

For the last accounting year 2021-22 we contributed to three different United Nations sponsored projects in India.

However the total number of carbon equivalents was still three times our actual footprint of 76 tons. The carbon footprint was low due to the pandemic.

Gravitational waves are disturbances or ripples in the curvature of space-time and we suggested that normal laptops could be used to detect them. 327 people read this April fool joke, and 65 people clicked through to the download page!

We have kept the story here for you to enjoy!

Offset carbon footprint

We have compensated three times our actual carbon footprint on three different projects. This is for the accounting year 1/4/2020-31/3/2021. Our carbon footprint for last year was only 96 tons. This was mainly due to the pandemic.

Here are the certificates!

Offsetting carbon footprint

We have compensated three times our actual carbon footprint to three projects. This is for the accounting year 1/4/2019-31/3/2020. Our carbon footprint was 125 tons.

Here are the certificates!

We proposed organising an annual marathon in MEPZ in 2014. Since 2015 we have sponsored all five incarnations of MEPZ Run!

This blog post includes photos from our participation over different years.

Everyone speaks about the environment! At Gislen Software, we are serious about reducing our business’s effect on the environment. We started reducing our footprint many years back. In the last six months, we have replaced all light tubes with LED. We have replaced our ineffective air conditioners and bought new effective ones with the lowest […]

Today, Gislen Software celebrated 21 years in business. Gislen Software is not your average software company

Gislen Software received one award for Best Services Exporter and one for Best Overall Exporter by ECGC & D&B

The Indian IT industry has very high attrition rates. However, at Gislen Software we have about 2-5%. This article tries to analyse why our employees stays.

Gislen Software was selected as an Award Winner in the SME Segment for excellence in the IT & IT Enabled Services sector.

‘‘It took almost a year to get there but Gislen Software was started in September 1994. On September 11, 2014 we celebrated 20 years in business. All our current employees with their families, along with some former employees were present. Our board members and some of our clients, important partners and Contacts from the city […]

Agile Methodologies during Agile India

Agile India is the largest Agile conference in Asia and has been arranged since 2005.

Our Managing Director spoke about quality and Agile methodologies and the challenges between formal management systems and being Agile.

Gislen Software and e-man have started a strategic partnership. e-man has since 2007 worked with outsourcing in close collaboration with developers in India and the Philippines. e-man has, in these projects, learned to understand the challenges and the opportunities of such close collaboration. During recent years there has been increasing demand from the market that […]