Turnkey Software with Agile Methodologies

Our primary business is software development. We work collaboratively with our clients, combining their business and market knowledge with our development skills to meet their business goals. Most of our software development is turnkey software solutions developed with agile methodologies.

What is turnkey software?

Turnkey software refers to systems or solutions ready to use immediately upon installation and require no further modification or configuration. We create this type of software to meet specific business needs. It provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution that helps organizations streamline operations, reduce setup times, and lower costs associated with software deployment. Turnkey software is precious in scenarios where speed and simplicity are crucial, such as in small businesses or within departments lacking extensive IT resources.

What is Agile Development

Agile development is a methodology used in software engineering that promotes continuous iteration and collaboration in the development process. It emphasizes adaptability and flexibility, enabling teams to respond effectively to changing requirements or challenges during a project. Agile development typically involves breaking down projects into small, manageable units. These are known as “sprints” or “iterations”. We frequently reassess and adjust the requirements as the work progresses. This approach encourages teamwork, accountability, and customer feedback, leading to better results and more efficient processes. Agile methodologies include Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, each offering specific frameworks to support this dynamic approach to software development.

We develop bespoke solutions!

We develop, support, and maintain quality software. Our typical work includes creating bespoke turnkey solutions from scratch, re-engineering existing software, or migrating software to new platforms or architectures. We comprehensively test our software and ensure it meets all functional and non-functional requirements.

As a service business, we prioritise our clients above all else, always ensuring they come first. Our approach includes establishing precise internal controls to complete even the most complex development projects on time and within budget, with flexibility and responsiveness at the core of our operations.

Our team employs agile methodologies to adapt swiftly to project demands. Through continuous collaboration, we ensure the achievement of every project goal. Keeping abreast of the latest developments, our broad and growing portfolio of technical competencies reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Turnkey Software Solutions we have developed

The following are just a few examples of what we have developed as Turnkey Solutions using Agile methodologies:

  • We developed a complete membership and event software for the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS).
  • We developed a complete multi-tenant system for Clarendo, helping their clients manage their ISO management systems.
  • We have developed a novel crowdlending platform for a peer-to-peer lending company that disrupted traditional borrowing and lending mechanisms.
  • We support the world’s largest market research companies with software development and maintenance needs.

We have completed development projects for international clients in many market sectors, including e-commerce, public services, transport, market research, medicine, power supply, test and measurement, education, financial services and manufacturing.  We commit our resources from the start of a project to its conclusion.  Our business analysts provide analysis, pre-studies and design.  We use proven development processes to reduce any risk associated with off-shore development.

Our Software Developers

our first-class, well-educated, English-speaking software engineers are fully committed to our customers’ development work and trained in relevant software technologies and how to manage cross-cultural communication. We always try to deliver quality that is far beyond your expectations. We have an exceptionally low attrition rate. Our delivery centre is located in South India and is 5 ½ hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (4 ½ hours for CET).  During the European summer time, it is one hour less difference.  This is an essential advantage for our European customers.  You can reach us in the office for part of the day, and sometimes, we can work for you while you sleep.

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