Management & Board

Mikael Gislén

Chairman and Managing Director

Mikael is a Swedish national and settled in India in 1993. He has broad experience as an IT consultant in

Vanitha Venugopal

Executive Director, Head of Software Development

Vanitha has worked at Gislen Software since 1997 when she joined as a Software developer. She has worked in various

Anand Kumar Vyas

Head of Integration Services

Anand has an MBA from Madras University and has worked with Gislen Software since 1998 when he joined as a

Vinodhini Natarajan

Manager Finance

Vinodhini is our CFO. She is a chartered accountant and has worked with Gislen Software since 2014. She has prior

Shajahan Kadar Basha

Manager HR and Administration

Shaj has an HR background and ensures that all our background processes work. He is a win-win negotiator and a

Beena Michael

Manager Financial Services

Beena joined Gislen Software in 2008 as an accountant. She has built up the Financial Services Department from serving a


Nithyalakshmi Gunasekaran

System Administration

Nithya and her team ensure that our servers, solar panels, inverters, batteries and other infrastructure work efficiently 24×7. Nithya also

Philip John

Non-Executive Director

Philip John, better known as Philji, has worked in the tea business for most of his life but, in recent

Philip Robinson

Senior Advisor

Philip has a background as a Chartered Accountant but has made a career within regulatory services in the UK where

Glenn Croning

Non-Executive Director

Glenn is the Principal of Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School in Conoor and has a background as an HR

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