Our Clients

Serving clients with top quality software solutions since 1994.

Gislen Software provides high-quality solutions to a wide range of clients. We work for world leaders and innovators in highly competitive markets such as e-commerce, public services, transport, market research, medicine, power supply, test and measurement, education, financial services and manufacturing. Some of our clients are major international corporations, some would describe themselves as SMEs, some are start-ups. This variety is important to us. Most are located in the Nordic countries and the UK – many of them have a wide international presence or the ambition to create one. Our role is to enable those ambitions.

We work collaboratively with our clients, developing, supporting and maintaining quality software that meets their business needs – and we never stop listening.  Continuity is the essence of a successful client relationship and we aim to be flexible and responsive at all times, recognising that client needs are paramount. We have set up comprehensive internal controls to ensure that every development project is completed on time and on budget.

Clients First

At Gislen Software we always say that our aim is to provide exceptional service, that we walk the extra mile and add the finishing touches! As a result, we have long, ongoing relationships with many of our clients and long, stable relationships have become a feature of our business.

The size of a first project is not so important to us as the potential we see in each new relationship. Today we have large clients which started with us in a very small way, and smaller clients which entrusted a complete business development project to us at an early stage.

Whatever the starting point, we know that putting the interests of the clients first is fundamental to the success of each project, and we always try to exceed expectations.

We have the accumulated experience of working with industry leaders such as ABB, Fara, PostNord, Q-Free, Scandinavian Airlines, SKF, Swedish Match and Kantar Sifo. We serve new and growing companies such as ArchOver, Intreat, AirBusiness, Clarendo and EACTS with equal commitment.

Our largest project to date is the FARA ASA automatic fare collection system in Norway which has revolutionised and simplified business and personal travel for five counties in Norway and Sweden. Other large systems include an employee survey management software developed for Kantar Sifo, part of the WPP Group, which is now in worldwide use, a peer to peer crowdlending system for ArchOver in London, system integrations for large Swedish clients such as Postnord, Scandinavian Airlines together with Epical Group. The success of these assignments gives us the confidence to aim high when clients are seeking quality and durability.

Building Value

Serving clients with top quality software solutions since 1994.

Value is created when we enable our clients to meet their strategic business objectives with intelligent technological solutions.  We work to understand, conceptualise, build and support quality software solutions and products.  Our services span analysis of needs, bespoke software development, integration of business systems, user-centred design, payment solutions and collaborative economy initiatives, delivery solutions across a very wide variety of domains.

We prioritise our client’s needs; we devote energy and resources to ensure that we fully understand the requirements.  We work with clients throughout the software development process to ensure that we meet the defined objectives, using agile methodologies extensively, and tailoring our ISO processes for each project.

We have built a corporate learning culture wherein we share knowledge freely.  Our clients benefit from the combined learning and expertise in the entire team.  We consciously train our staff to work successfully across different natural and commercial cultures.  We have significantly less attrition compared to what is seen as normal in our industry.  Our team of qualified software engineers, architects, business analysts and project managers can work with you on different engagement models.

We have successfully pioneered an engagement model whereby we collaborate with local expert partners to ensure that clients engage with and benefit from a seamless team made up of local and offshore expertise, building high-quality, cost-effective, holistic solutions.

Our total commitment to our clients and employees defines value.  We have very long-term relationships with our clients and the most loyal and committed staff in our industry.

Client List 

This list includes most of our clients, past and present, and represents a range of challenges which have had a major influence on our abilities as a solution provider.

  • ABB
  • Action Dialog Partner
  • Adentia
  • AirBusiness
  • Almasoft
  • ArchOver
  • Aros Development
  • Artios
  • BeeScanning
  • Clarendo
  • Dapresy
  • Deligate
  • Dineflow
  • EIMS
  • e-man
  • Enera
  • ENFO
  • Epical Group
  • Fara
  • Feltons
  • Forsta
  • General Electric
  • Husqvarna
  • Intreat
  • Kantar-Media (Sifo)
  • Lamit
  • Lennandia
  • Mazzo
  • NetCompetence
  • Netledger
  • OneClickHR
  • OpenIT
  • Pinegrove Software
  • Planter
  • PostNord
  • Programma Electric
  • QDEC
  • Q-Free
  • Robert Gordon University
  • Scandinavian Airline
  • SKF
  • Skin & Tonic
  • Svensk Byggtjänst
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture
  • Swedish India Business Council
  • Swedish Match
  • ViewLedger
  • Webstix
  • X-change
  • Xoanon
  • Zondervan Publishing

We are actively seeking the next challenge – contact us for an initial discussion, whatever the size and type of project you have in mind.


First you listen to what we request, then you give good feedback and then you write damn good code and finally you are all really nice people to work with. You deliver top European quality at Indian prices”Angus Dent, Founder and former CEO of ArchOver Limited, Chairman of UnitBirWelco Limited, Rail Signaling & Power Limited and Sustainable Engineering Limited.

“In my opinion, it was very easy to work with the Gislen staff I was in touch with.  You have a huge competitive advantage since you have a Swedish Managing Director and Indians with extensive experience of working with westerners.” Claes Boström, IT Director, Kantar-Sifo.

“You have delivered a very good product, in both areas – functionality and quality.  I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Gislen Software.” Erik Råwall, Project Manager, SKF Business Consulting.

“I have not seen any local company who has shown the same quality and professionalism as delivered by Gislen Software.” Dr Ross Maxwell, CEO, Aros Development Limited.