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You don’t build a business. You build people and the people build the business.

Gislen Software is a long and well-established company based in Chennai in the province of Tamil Nadu. We spend a lot of time recruiting the right people. We look for people with exceptional technical talent who are good at communication and passionate about serving. We ensure they get challenging and exciting tasks to retain them and help them perform to the best of their ability. We also compensate them well. The company is a place to grow, develop and mature. We want our people to build and grow in a positive and stable environment. As a result, we have well-established teams and an exceptionally low attrition rate.

People First

Gislen Software is made up of a highly motivated team of professionals. We love what we do, and we are careful with who we employ. We put a lot of effort into trying to get our staff to feel at home and grow and mature. Working in Gislen Software should be a rewarding experience. Our dedicated employees love their work!

We have created an environment that supports equality and inclusiveness, and as a result, about 40% of our employees are female. Our employees have different mother tongues and come from various religious backgrounds. They truly represent the Indian cultural fabric and work harmoniously together.

By its very nature, our work can be stressful and demanding at times, and we try to help our staff achieve a good work-life balance. We maintain a dedicated childcare area, allowing our staff to bring their children to the office. We organise different social and cultural events emphasising family outings and activities.

We have also taken initiatives to help improve employee health by setting up a gym in the office and encouraging employees to walk/run daily in the export zone where our office is located. Our staff actively participate in local sporting activities, and their fitness levels are such that we now have a number of keen Marathon runners.

Dedicated Employees

Our personal touch and unique learning culture empower our employees to prioritise customers. Our employees love us for the work-life balance we espouse. Our people work with exciting technologies and serve some of the world’s most innovative companies. It is not accidental that we have among the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

Most of our clients are based in Europe, which means that the time zone overlap is not too bad. Unlike those companies working mainly in the USA, our staff rarely have to sacrifice a night’s sleep. We were the first company with a strong Swedish connection to set up an offshore operation in India. Clients from Europe frequently visit us, and our staff also get the chance to travel to Europe.

Our location helps, too—Chennai is India’s fifth-largest city and a leading cultural, economic, and educational centre. It is rated as India’s safest metro, and English is widely spoken. It is one of the best metros in India to live and work in.


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Some of our employees speak

I have worked here for more than ten years!

“I joined Gislen Software as a graduate trainee in 2005.  The training I underwent and the projects Gislen assigned to me helped me to gain confidence and grow into the role of a senior software engineer.  The company is also helping me to keep my technical skills up to date with regular training courses.  We also receive cultural training, which means we feel comfortable working with European customers.  This helped a lot when I travelled to Scandinavia to meet the customers. My experience has been a perfect start to my career in IT.  At Gislen Software, we are all equals, and the company encourages us to be creative and ourselves. Gislen Software may not be a large company, but unlike a large company, everyone plays an important part in each project, and the good feedback we get from our customers is gratifying.  I am thrilled to work here because the company looks after its employees and their families like its customers. Gislen Software is a supportive employer, and I feel the company cares about us.”

Thirteen years and very happy!

Hi, I’ve worked with Gislen Software for more than thirteen years.  If you’re wondering why – it’s simple – I didn’t think about making a career change.  Our CEO is a good, hands-on manager who listens to our views, and the company is more like a family.  We all enjoy ourselves, and it’s an amicable work environment.  I joined Gislen as an engineering graduate, fresh out of University.  After some training, I started working on a project for a Swedish customer.  Within one year, I was allowed to go and work on-site with them in Sweden.  I realised then that the management was showing their confidence in me, even in the early stages of my career.  Since then, I’ve been interacting directly with customers in most projects I’ve worked on.  My confidence has grown, and I’ve enjoyed meeting people and getting to know their cultures and ethics. If I can understand their requirements from their point of view, this will help me meet their expectations.  During my years with Gislen Software, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Sweden, the USA, the Philippines and Korea.  All of this is thanks to Gislen Software. And finally, here is a bit about my home life.  I was a bachelor when I started my life with Gislen, now I am the proud father of two kids.  During this time, Gislen Software has always supported me through all the happy times and the most challenging moments of my life.  Life with Gislen is meaningful and exciting.”