Unlocking the Future: Our Exciting Research Projects

At Gislen Software Pvt. Ltd., we believe in the power of technology to revolutionize our world. Our mission is to improve the world by leveraging cutting-edge solutions that drive profitability and positive change. As a carbon-negative company with a strong CSR program, we already support Little Lambs School for underprivileged children, and also help rural Indians to learn new trades, thus ensuring that we give back to the communities we serve.

Our passion for innovation is reflected in our in-house research and development activities. We have transformed our office into a smart office, utilising sensors and software to monitor and optimise the performance of our solar panels, inverters, lithium batteries, and servers. In addition, we have developed a biometric system for attendance to streamline our work processes. We have also developed a solution for face recognition.

The meeting between Gislen Software and Karunya Institute of Technology and Science in 2022

In 2022, we extended our commitment to innovation by partnering withKarunya Institute of Technology and Science for joint research projects.

Different research projects

Together, we are focusing on three core areas with immense potential to transform lives and reshape industries:

  1. Sustainable Energy: Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the production and consumption of electricity in Indian villages, we aim to optimize sustainable energy use. Our research will help communities access reliable, clean energy, fostering economic growth and improving the quality of life.
  2. Medical Technology: Healthcare is a fundamental right, and cutting-edge technology can bridge the gap between urban and rural areas. By developing AI-based diagnostic tools, we strive to provide advanced medical care to underserved regions by identifying diseases early and helping people with symptoms to get advanced help earlier. Our research will empower local healthcare providers, improving the quality and accessibility of medical services to rural communities.
  3. Waste Segregation: The global waste crisis is a pressing issue that demands innovative solutions. We want to develop AI-powered robotics to revolutionise waste management systems in India. By automating the segregation process, we aim to reduce pollution and waste, conserve resources, and create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

At Gislen Software, we believe that research and innovation are keys to unlocking a better future. Our projects reflect our dedication to making a difference and showcase our commitment to creating a brighter, more sustainable future. Join us on this exciting journey as we push the boundaries of what technology can achieve and transform the world for the better.