Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Elevate Your Business with Cutting-Edge Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions from Gislen Software

At Gislen Software, we recognise the critical importance of advanced analytics and AI in driving the growth and transformation of modern businesses. The strategic application of analytics and AI can distinguish your enterprise in an ever-changing digital landscape. Whether you aim to enhance your current data-driven strategies or develop a comprehensive analytics and AI framework from the ground up, our team of experienced data scientists and AI experts is ready to assist you in planning, customising, deploying, and managing your analytics and AI initiatives, ensuring they are perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Tailored Analytics and AI Solutions for Optimal Results

Our strength is customising leading analytics and AI technologies to address your unique business challenges, ensuring data-driven insights and intelligent automation enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. From bespoke model development to integrating cutting-edge AI capabilities, our flexible approach provides a scalable and robust solution that meets your current requirements and adapts to future advancements.

Comprehensive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Customised for Your Needs

We go beyond basic model implementation to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific analytics and AI objectives:

  • Custom Model Development and Integration: We design analytics and AI models that fit your business needs, integrating them seamlessly with existing systems for enhanced insights and automation.
  • Data Strategy and Insight Generation: Focusing on data-driven strategies, we ensure your organisation leverages analytics for meaningful insights that drive actions and outcomes.
  • Scalable Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions: Leveraging platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS, we offer scalable solutions that grow with your business, simplifying the complexity of data management.
  • Continuous Support and Evolution: Our tailored support ensures your analytics and AI systems remain cutting-edge, secure, and aligned with evolving industry trends.

Leading Innovation in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

As you seek to unlock new opportunities or refine your operational intelligence, Gislen Software is your analytics and AI innovation partner. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your needs, followed by strategic development of bespoke analytics and AI solutions, ensuring your digital transformation journey is impactful and sustainable.

Embark on your analytics and AI journey with Gislen Software. Discover our custom solutions to empower your business with the insights and efficiencies needed to excel in today’s competitive landscape. Let us transform your analytics and AI vision into reality, fostering growth and innovation.

Different Technologies and Platforms for Analytics and AI

Various platforms and technologies are available for businesses aiming to enhance their analytics and AI capabilities, each offering unique features suited to different needs and levels of technical expertise.

General commercial AI platforms

Here are some of the principal technologies and platforms suitable for businesses embracing analytics and AI:

  • IBM WatsonIBM Watson offers a broad suite of AI services and tools known for its natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. It’s a good choice for businesses looking to integrate advanced AI features into their operations.
  • Google Cloud AI and Analytics: Google’s cloud platform provides a comprehensive suite of AI and analytics services, from data storage and processing to machine learning and predictive analytics. It’s designed for scalability and ease of use, making it accessible for businesses at any stage of their AI journey.
  • Microsoft Azure AI: Azure offers various AI services, including machine learning, cognitive services, and knowledge mining. It’s known for its integrations with existing Microsoft products and services, making it a convenient choice for businesses already using the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Analytics and AI: AWS provides a wide array of analytics and AI services, from data lakes and real-time analytics to machine learning and AI services. Its scalability and flexibility suit businesses looking to leverage cloud-based analytics and AI.
  • Tableau: For businesses focused on data visualisation and business intelligence, Tableau offers powerful tools to transform data into actionable insights through interactive dashboards and reports.
  • Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive business analytics tool that enables users to visualise data, share insights across an organisation, or embed them in an app or website. Power BI integrates with various data sources, providing interactive dashboards and reports that offer deep insights and drive business decisions. Its user-friendly interface and powerful data manipulation capabilities make it accessible for non-technical users and robust enough for advanced data analysis.
Open Source Libraries and Frameworks

The landscape of open-source technologies, particularly in analytics and artificial intelligence, is vibrant and continuously evolving.

    • TensorFlow: Developed by Google, TensorFlow is a comprehensive, open-source machine learning framework that facilitates the development of complex neural networks, supporting both research and production.
    • Apache Hadoop is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage.
    • Scikit-learn: Built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib, this Python module is known for its simplicity and accessibility, offering a range of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms via a consistent interface.
    • Apache Spark is an open-source, distributed computing system that provides an interface for programming entire clusters with implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance. It’s known for its speed and ease of handling big data analytics.
    • Theano: Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) at the Université de Montréal, Theano has been widely used in deep learning for its ability to leverage GPUs’ power, significantly speeding up computations. Theano is an open-source Python library for efficient mathematical computations, particularly multi-dimensional arrays. It excels in deep learning applications by leveraging GPU acceleration for faster processing.
    • Keras: An open-source neural network library in Python designed to enable fast experimentation with deep neural networks. It is configurable and extends TensorFlow and Theano.
    • PyTorch: Developed by Facebook’s AI Research lab, PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library based on the Torch library, widely used for applications such as natural language processing.
    • R: A programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. It’s widely used among statisticians and data miners.
    • Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine that addresses many use cases. It’s known for its powerful full-text search, scalability, and real-time analytics.
Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

Open AI’s innovative GPT technology is now available over an API. Advanced support bots can be built by training a database with material about your company and products.

    • OpenAI’s GPT: Perhaps the most well-known in this category, OpenAI offers API access to GPT-3, enabling developers to utilise its advanced text generation and understanding capabilities for various applications, including chatbots, content generation, and complex data analysis tasks. GPT-3’s versatility and large-scale model offer nuanced and contextually relevant text generation, making it a popular choice for businesses seeking to enhance their offerings with cutting-edge AI.
    • AI21 Labs’ Jurassic-1: AI21 Labs offers Jurassic-1, a large language model that rivals GPT-3 in terms of capabilities and scale. Their API allows developers to integrate sophisticated natural language processing features into various applications to improve user engagement and automate content-related tasks.
    • Hugging Face’s Inference API: Hugging Face provides an Inference API that gives developers access to many pre-trained models, including variants of GPT and other transformer-based models. This API facilitates easy integration of natural language understanding and generation into applications, enabling a wide array of use cases from sentiment analysis to text completion and translation.
    • Cohere’s Platform: Cohere offers a platform that allows businesses to harness the power of large language models for text generation, classification, and summarisation. Their API makes it straightforward for developers to embed these capabilities into applications, enhancing user experiences with natural language interactions.
    • IBM Watson: IBM Watson provides a suite of AI services, including natural language processing capabilities that can be integrated via API. While not exclusively based on GPT, Watson’s services include features like language understanding, conversation, and text generation, which leverage similar underlying technologies.

    These commercial GPT services with API access transform how businesses interact with and process natural language data, enable more intuitive user interfaces, automate content creation, and provide deep insights from textual information. By integrating these APIs, developers can significantly enhance the capabilities of their applications, making them more interactive, intelligent, and user-friendly.

Open Source technologies for Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

Open-source technologies related to GPT and natural language processing have become increasingly important in the AI community.

    • GPT-Neo and GPT-NeoX: Developed by EleutherAI, GPT-Neo and GPT-NeoX are open-source alternatives to OpenAI’s GPT models. GPT-Neo aims to replicate the capabilities of GPT-3 through distributed volunteer computing, while GPT-NeoX is a further development that focuses on scaling up the architecture and training process.
    • Hugging Face’s Transformers: This library offers a vast collection of pre-trained models for natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG), including GPT and its variants. It provides an easy-to-use interface to work with these models and is highly regarded for its extensive documentation and community support.
    • OpenNMT: An open-source ecosystem for neural machine translation and neural sequence learning. Started as a collaborative project between Harvard NLP and SYSTRAN, it provides implementations in TensorFlow and PyTorch, supporting GPT-like models for translation and language tasks.
    • Fairseq: Developed by Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Fairseq is a sequence-to-sequence learning toolkit that allows researchers and developers to train custom models for translation, summarisation, language modelling, and other text generation tasks. It supports various models, including transformer models similar to GPT.
    • PaddleNLP: Developed by Baidu, PaddleNLP is part of the PaddlePaddle deep learning platform. It provides a wide range of pre-trained models, including language models like GPT, for various NLP tasks. PaddleNLP aims to make it easier for developers to apply these models in different applications.
    • Tensor2Tensor: Created by Google Brain, Tensor2Tensor provides a library of deep learning models and datasets designed to make it easier to train and deploy machine learning models. While initially focused on translation, it now includes a variety of models, including those related to GPT, for different tasks.
    • Marian NMT: An efficient and self-contained Neural Machine Translation framework emphasising speed and efficiency. While primarily focused on translation, its architecture supports custom models and training approaches, including transformer-based models like GPT.
    • Whisper: Developed by OpenAI, Whisper is an open-source deep learning model for automatic speech recognition (ASR) designed to transcribe spoken language into text accurately. It stands out for its robustness across various languages and audio conditions, making it a versatile tool for applications requiring speech-to-text capabilities.

    These open-source technologies provide a solid foundation for exploring and developing advanced NLP models, including those based on the GPT architecture. They enable researchers, developers, and companies to innovate and apply state-of-the-art NLP techniques in various applications and services.

Strategic Framework for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our methodology for crafting analytics and artificial intelligence solutions is rooted in a collaborative and consultative approach, beginning with a thorough discussion to deeply understand the distinct elements of your business and its objectives in leveraging data and AI. We thoroughly review these setups and their integration within business processes for clients with pre-existing analytics systems. This examination allows us to uncover avenues for enhancement and identify any technical or strategic challenges that may impede your analytics and AI effectiveness. Armed with these insights, we formulate bespoke strategies that align with your business objectives and the nuanced requirements of data-driven decision-making.

When initiating a new analytics or AI project or significantly overhauling an existing framework, our commitment is to partner with you to articulate your vision and needs. We are dedicated to accompanying you at every stage, from the foundational idea to deploying your analytics or AI system, guaranteeing a seamless and fruitful journey towards achieving your data-driven goals.

Analytics and AI Strategy

  • Personalised Data Analysis: We dive deep into your business’s unique data landscape, tailoring our analytics and AI solutions to meet your strategic objectives.
  • Interactive Analytics Prototyping: Collaborating closely with your team, we develop prototypes to accurately showcase the potential of your data-driven decision-making processes.
  • Scalable Analytics Infrastructure: Our solutions are built for high performance and scalability, supporting your growth and adapting to evolving data demands.
  • Detailed Technical Design for Analytics and AI: We craft meticulous technical designs that cater to the specific requirements of your analytics and AI initiatives, ensuring optimal functionality and insights.
  • Analytics and AI Quality Assurance: Through comprehensive testing, we guarantee that your analytics and AI implementations exceed quality standards, offering accurate and actionable insights.

Analytics and AI Integration

  • Business and Analytics Harmony: We align our analytics and AI solutions with your business goals, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Custom Analytics and AI Technical Solutions: Designed specifically to tackle your unique challenges, our solutions ensure high performance and seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Reliable Analytics and AI Support: Our support strategies are designed to ensure the continuous and effective operation of your analytics and AI systems.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: We maintain clear communication with all stakeholders to ensure analytics and AI solutions are fully integrated with business objectives.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Our expertise extends to integrating diverse data sources, ensuring a unified view for more coherent insights and actions.

Analytics and AI Management

  • Adaptive Analytics and AI Development: Leveraging agile methodologies, we stay responsive to your evolving needs, ensuring your analytics and AI systems grow with your business.
  • Compliance with Data Standards: Our solutions adhere to international data privacy and security standards, providing trustworthy and reliable systems.
  • Proactive Analytics and AI Maintenance: We use advanced management techniques to uphold the longevity and performance of your analytics and AI solutions, ensuring their durability and relevance.

Our Data Scientists and AI Specialists understand the intricate balance between analytics insights and artificial intelligence opportunities. Based in Chennai, India, with subsidiaries in Europe, we are deeply committed to serving our UK and Swedish clientele with a passion for analytics and AI. We bring years of expertise in guiding organisations through significant digital and AI-driven transformations.

Our approach extends beyond just choosing the right analytical tools and AI models; we are dedicated to offering full support and insights to overcome the challenges inherent in deploying complex AI and analytics systems. This includes:

  • Ensuring timely delivery of analytics and AI projects to prevent disruptions;
  • Managing budgets effectively to avoid cost overruns and ensure high-quality insights;
  • Aligning AI and analytics initiatives with overarching business goals for seamless integration and maximum impact;
  • Facilitating the integration of new AI and analytics solutions with existing business systems for a smooth transition and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

At Gislen Software, we see our clients as partners in innovation, working together to develop custom AI and analytics solutions that propel digital transformation and drive business success.

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