We provide outstanding high value and high-quality solutions

How we create outstanding value and quality solutions

Gislen Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner and is certified under ISO 9001:2015. We employ a skilled team of developers in Chennai, India and we have subsidiary companies in Sweden and the UK. Our multi-national team is totally focused on delivering effective software solutions which enable our customers to achieve their critical IT objectives.

We work with technology partners in the Nordic markets, in the UK and in the USA.  Our management team is multinational and many of our people have worked with us for ten years or more.  This accumulated international experience gives us a better understanding of our clients’ business requirements.

Many of our initial assignments have developed into long-term relationships which reflect our commitment to open communication and on-time, on-budget delivery.  We maintain a skilled and exceptionally stable team which provides dependable continuity.

Our history is one of controlled and steady growth, our approach is based on professional, technical, human and environmental standards which have evolved over time on a foundation of strong and clear business principles.  All this is combined in an unswerving commitment to our clients, our people and our shared objectives.

We are uniquely positioned to provide complex software solutions, delivered reliably, on time and with excellent value for money.  To complement our own teams, we have access to a pool of software developers from tried and tested partners here in India to add qualified resources when necessary.

We have completed development projects for international clients in many market sectors, including e-commerce, public services, transport, market research, medicine, power supply, test and measurement, education, financial services and manufacturing.

India, with its elite educational establishments, high standards of spoken and written English and natural affinity for IT, has become the destination of choice for many global software companies.  If your goal is to be an efficient, agile business, outsourcing to India is a reliable and cost-effective way to gain the best software skills available.


Our approach is, first and foremost, based on understanding the business requirements of our clients. This demands a combination of skills and experience and the avoidance of assumptions.

Everything we do at an early stage is discussed and analysed internally and reviewed in detail with the client.

We then ask ourselves an important question – “How best can we add value?” because we have learned the crucial importance of value in a business relationship.

Value ensures client satisfaction and earns repeat business – bringing the benefits of continuity to both parties.  We develop the vast majority of our projects using agile methodologies, keeping our clients fully updated on progress throughout the duration.

We are a multi-cultural company and an equal opportunities employer, proud that 40% of our team are women. But competence, honesty and the determination to improve are the most important factors in our approach.  We recognise and reward productivity, achievement and loyalty and seek to be a company which is, simply, good to be part of. Being a good company brings with it social and environmental responsibilities. We are actively involved in the community in many ways and have developed ‘green’ policies to minimise our footprint.

Finally, and importantly, we have a geographical focus. We concentrate on markets we know and understand – the Nordic countries, the UK and, of course, India. This is not to say we will not accept an assignment from elsewhere but, if we do, it will be on the basis of careful consideration. Until then, we are content in the knowledge that the work we do for our clients reaches out to every corner of the world.


Gislen Software was founded by Mikael Gislen in 1994.  Mikael, a Swedish computer scientist and businessman saw the potential in India and committed to life and work in this country.  Based on his initiative our company history is defined by our clients and their successes, our commitment to industry standards and our investment in skills and infrastructure.

1996 Programma Electric (later acquired by General Electric). We were awarded a project to develop software for testing high voltage equipment including relays and circuit breakers by what became a long-term client.

1998 Telia (later TeliaSonera). We completed a critical first project for this Swedish national telecommunications operator and we expanded our Indian office.

2000 We added software support services and began to develop broader international capabilities, working in association with AIS Inc. in the USA.

2003 We implemented our first project planning tool, the forerunner of our current planning software, Planner Suite.

2004-2007 Q-Free ASA. We gained and successfully completed our largest project so far – the automatic fare collection system for Norway’s public transport organisations, and our company continued to grow.

2005 TNS Sifo. We won a first small project – the beginnings of a collaboration which has since developed. TNS later became one of our largest clients

2006 We expanded our team and capabilities, focusing on software requirements analysis, project management and quality control.

2007 Q-Free ASA. We helped to design and develop a road toll system for North Portugal for our Norwegian client and opened our subsidiary company in Sweden to support Nordic clients on a ‘local basis’.

2009 We became a Microsoft Gold Partner and started to focus on mobile platforms.  Continued growth.  We won more client contracts and expanded our offices.

2010 ISO 9001:2008 TickIT – we gained important quality standards and, still recruiting staff, we also upgraded our internal quality procedures.

2011 TNS-Sifo’s Employee Research Software. In collaboration with a Swedish partner, we took over the maintenance and further development of one of the largest such systems in the world. We started using SCRUM properly and have slowly transformed the way we develop software into an Agile culture

2012 We implemented integration solutions (using TIBCO) for Scandinavian Airlines in collaboration with our Swedish partner e-man. We developed a social gifting and payment platform for Intreat in Sweden. We received an award for the fastest-growing IT company in the state of Tamil Nadu in India

2013 New integration projects together with e-man for three major clients – ABB and Swedish Match (BizTalk) and the Swedish/Danish post office, PostNord (TIBCO).  We invested in solar panels to overcome any possibility of power cuts and to be energy sufficient.  We began the development of a crowdlending platform for ArchOver (launched in 2014). We started working with Air Business, a logistics company owned by An Post.

2014 We celebrated our 20th anniversary with visitors from Scandinavian Airlines, ABB, Feltons, e-man and many others.  We began work on the EACTS portfolio system for doctors.

2015 EACTS – we began a second project for this client, developing a membership and conference system.

2016 Our partner e-man was acquired by ENFO.  This created opportunities to expand our partnership and reach new clients. We gained Svensk Byggtjänst (owned by leading construction companies in Sweden), and opened our UK subsidiary company. 

2017 Clarendo commissioned the development of a Quality Management system.  We started working with IBM Integration Bus. First EACTS membership and later the conference management system was launched in Vienna in October 2017

2018 We started working with Pulsen Omsorg, a leading provider of administration of social welfare for Swedish municipalities. EACTS ran their second conference with our software in Milan in October 2018

2019 We worked with a leading Swedish inspection company for elevators. We are taking various initiatives during the year to celebrate our 25th year in business which will culminate on 25/9 with a grand celebration.

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