Are you looking for a software job in Chennai? We are expanding rapidly due to new exciting projects for our leading European clients. This page lists all our current open positions including Dot Net Developer with excellent UX/presentation layer skills and system integration specialists working with IBM Integration Bus, TIBCO or Biztalk! Working with us, you will get exposure to technology and be working with leading European clients, excellent benefits and a chance of seeing the wholeness of the projects something which is rare or impossible when working in a larger company. We are in the sweet spot of being big enough to have resources and small enough to give you good chances and have a personal environment. We have a profit sharing scheme, we believe in work-life balance and you can bring children to the office. We focus on health, environment, and contributing to a better world among other things through our CSR program.

.NET Developers

user-01-512grayredJob Profile: We are right now recruiting people who have experience working with .NET to join our ambitious development team. If you want to work with a broad collection of software projects typically using the latest technology and have the skills below, then please send your resume immediately! Read More…

Axway B2BI Integration Developer

user-01-512grayredJob Profile: Some of our Scandinavian client’s require people who have Axway experience. We are looking for experienced B2BI developers who have experience working with Axway Integration technologies such as XIB and B2BI to join our integration team. The work will include development, migration from XIB to B2BI and support.  The job may include travelling to Scandinavia and work with leading Scandinavian companies. If you are the right person, please send your resume immediately! Read More…

IBM Integration Specialists

user-01-512grayredJob Profile: You are a person who love challenges. You don’t give up until a problem is solved. We are looking for experienced developers who have experience working with IBM Integration technology (WebSphere, IBM Integration Bus and IBM MQ) to join our ambitious development team. The job may include travelling to Scandinavia and work with leading Swedish companies. If you are the right person, please send your resume immediately! Read More…

BizTalk Integration Developer

user-01-512grayredJob Profile: You have a few years experience of Integration and you would love to take the next step in your career. You like to work with challenging things and want to get more exposure and work directly with clients. We are looking for people who have experience working with BizTalk to join our growing integration team. If you want to work with projects for leading Scandinavian clients and if you have the skills below, then please don’t wait but send your resume immediately! Read More…

Experienced Tester

user-01-512grayredJob Profile: We are right now looking for an experienced tester! You believe in perfection and you don’t want to compromise on quality. You are passionate about ensuring that a software works exactly as expected and looks good. If you have 2-4 years’ hands-on experience of testing, ideally in an agile environment, please send your résumé immediately! Read More…

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What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to work directly with leading Scandinavian and UK companies and occasional onsite opportunities
  • Flexibility and responsibility
  • Work-life balance
  • Technical Challenges
  • Complimentary lunch buffet and snacks
  • Flextime and work from home option (when applicable)
  • Gym, Table Tennis and Marathons
  • Equal opportunity
  • Family friendly company
  • Profit sharing scheme
  • Tax planning advice to optimise take home

I have worked here more than 10 years!

nithya“I joined Gislen Software as graduate trainee in 2005. The training I underwent and the projects Gislen assigned to me helped me to gain confidence and grow into the role of senior software engineer. The company is also helping me to keep my technical skills up to date, with regular training courses. We receive cultural training as well, which means we feel comfortable working with European customers. This helped a lot when I actually travelled to Scandinavia to meet the customers. My experience has been a very good start to my career in IT.

At Gislen Software we are all equalls and the company encourages each one of us to be creative and to be ourselves. Gislen Software may not be a large company, but unlike in the large company everyone plays an important part in each project, and the good feedback we get from our customers are very rewarding.

I am very happy working here, because the company looks after its employees and their families, just as it looks after its customers. Gislen Software is a supportive employer and I feel the company really cares about us.”

Thirteen years and very happy!

a_sathish“Hi, I’ve worked with Gislen Software for more than thirteen years. If you’re wondering why – it’s simple :-) I just didn’t think about making a career change. Our CEO is a very good, hands-on manager, who listens to our views, and the company is more like a family. We all enjoy ourselves and it’s a very friendly work environment.

I joined Gislen as an engineering graduate, fresh out of University.

After some training, I started working on a project for a Swedish customer. Within one year, I was given the opportunity to go and work on site with them in Sweden. I realised then, that the management were showing the confidence they had in me, even in the early stages of my career.

From then on, I’ve been interacting directly with customers in most of the projects I’ve worked on. My confidence has grown and I’ve enjoyed meeting the people and getting to know their culture and ethics. If I can understand their requirements from their point of view, this helps me to meet their expectations.

During my years with Gislen software, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Sweden, USA, the Philippines and Korea. All of this is thanks to Gislen Software.

And finally, a bit about my home life.. I was a bachelor when I started my life with Gislen, now I am the proud father of two kids. During this time, Gislen Software has always supported me, through all the happy times and the toughest moments of my life. Life with Gislen is meaningful and exciting.”