We supported MEPZ Run 2015

We took the initiative to start and was one of the sponsors for MEPZ Run 2015. Many of our employees either helped as volunteers or ran the races.

Our headquarters and development centre is located a few miles south of Chennai Airport in a large export zone. There is far less traffic inside the zone than in Chennai’s busy and congested streets. The zone is located in a valey between hills and many of us have for years been running around the perimeter of the zone. In July 2014 we suggested to MEPZMA (MEPZ Manufacturers Association) that we jointly should arrange an annual Marathon in MEPZ. March 22 the first edition of MEPZ Run happened. There were three different races; One half Marathon (13.1094 miles) one 10Km and one 5Km run, the latter mainly for children. Approximately 2500 people ran. The objective with the race was to race money from participant fees and sponsor money for making MEPZ greener. From Gislen Software a large group ran and others participated as volunteers. Apart from employees, spouses, children and even a volunteer from Little Lambs School participated (who won the ladies 10Km). Apart from improving the environment in the zone, an event like this also encourages staff in the 140 companies in MEPZ to live a healthier life style.

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