25th anniversary celebration

We just had our 25th anniversary

Gislen Software just celebrated its 25th anniversary

It’s been a long journey from September 1992 when Mikael Gislén and his wife travelled around Asia. When he visited India he realised that there was an opportunity to start an IT export business. In September 1993 they settled in India and one year later the company was registered. In September 2019 the company celebrated its 25th anniversary!

Not only did the company celebrate 25 years in September, but we also inaugurated our renovated and expanded office. Visiting customers and employees celebrated the inauguration of the new office with a cocktail party on September 24.

The 25th anniversary was celebrated by a grand event on 25/9 at the Trident hotel in Chennai. Visiting customers, employees, families and friends celebrated the occasion.

Program for the 25th anniversary

The program was started with a short video setting the tone of the whole event. This was followed by girls from Little Lambs school performed a welcome dance. Dr Deepa performed a fantastic sand art describing the company’s history. Employees conducted a skit and sang.

Executive Director Vanitha Venugopal thanked everyone who has helped the company over the years and HR Manager Shajahan K. shared how it is to work in the company.

Angus Dent, CEO of ArchOver shared about the customer’s perspective. He gave encouraging feedback on why he feels that working with Gislen Software is a great experience. “- First you listen to what we say, then you give constructive feedback, and then not at least, you write damn good code, and finally, you are really nice people to work with”.

Philip Robinson shared that it was easy to be on the board when there was a good management team. Mikael Gislén ended the program sharing about the values of the company. He also shared his vision for the future both for the company and the industry.

Gislen Software works with leading clients

Gislen Software has served well-known international clients such as ABB, PostNord, Scandinavian Airlines, Swedish Match, Air Business, EACTS and Kantar Sifo. The company has also worked with several successful start-ups including ArchOver, Dineflow and Clarendo. Its long term partnership with Epical Group has also contributed to the growth.

Gislen Software provides various types of services to its clients; General Software Development for Server-side and mobile applications, Integration Services and Identity and Access Management services.

It’s all about the values

Gislen Software is built on a set of unique values. At Gislen Software, we empower our employees to communicate directly with clients and make independent decisions. We have researched and trained both customers and employees on how to avoid and bridge cultural challenges.  We invest in our employees and have a close culture and flat structure. Transparency and honesty are at the centre of all we do. This has led to a very low employee attrition rate.

Making money has never been the first priority of the company. Instead, we believe that we need to make money in order to do what we love to do; Serve our clients well, support our employees and develop great solutions with high quality. However, having the right focus has led to excellent financial result. The company donates 10% of its profit via its CSR program and shares 10% of its profit with its employees. Even with these expenses, it performs financially on par with leaders in its industry.

About Gislen Software

The Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Gislen started Gislen Software in 1994. It has since then provided outsourced development services. Gislen Software is made up of a team of excellent developers located in Chennai (formerly Madras) in South India. Gislen Software produces high-quality solutions that help its clients to, meet their critical IT needs.

The company has more than 70 employees and is ISO 9000 certified and a Microsoft Gold Partner. The company has subsidiaries in Sweden and the UK. It is also building up a joint venture together with another Swedish owned company in the Philippines.

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