Treat your friends with your phone!

‘‘I was delayed for an After Work with a client and decided to use our latest project to solve the problem. I used my phone, started the Intreat App and selected a glass of red wine, recorded a video where I apologised that I was late and suggested to my contact that he should go to the bar and collect a glass of red wine which I had already paid for. I paid and clicked Send. Do I need to say that the meeting was a success?

In March 2012 I met Intreat the first time. Intreat was a start-up with a revolutionary idea of starting an online service for Social Gifting where people could treat their friends with their phones. We first helped them to build a prototype which was tested in a few cafes in Uppsala during summer 2012. During the following year, the vision grew and become entirely mobile. Now it is possible to pay by credit card and the most common electronic payment methods  in Sweden. There is also an advanced Facebook integration and electronic vouchers can be redeemed with Sweden’s largest Point of Sale system for restaurants. It is now possible to treat friends in about 30 restaurants in 9 cities around Sweden.

Gislen Software has full responsibility for all technical development. The Server solution is developed in Microsoft Dot Net technology installed and hosted in a redundant cloud solution. The iPhone app we have developed ourselves, while the Android app has been developed by a partner company here in India.

The Intreat app is currently available for iPhone and Android. It is possible to use the app to send treats to friends and contacts or to pay in advance via the app and just collect a drink or some food in the bar and avoid queuing.

Currently, the solution is only available in Sweden but watch this space. We are working to help Intreat launch the app in other markets soon.

Addition: Since this article was written the Intreat solution has developed into a complete restaurant ordering system.

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