Business and Requirement Analysis

We provide business analysis as a vital input to the development process.  In order to help our clients understand and articulate their requirements, a full understanding of the client’s business is required.  We work with our clients, not just on business requirements, functional requirements and software specifications for software development, but also on process design, change management, user experience and organisational design.

Our analysts and architects are equally adept at defining and detailing non-functional requirements for system stability, performance, reliability and security.  Since we often use agile development the goal is not necessarily to produce a specification.  Instead, the result may equally well be in the form of user stories, use case diagrams or screen designs.  In addition, business analysis is not necessarily a one-time exercise at the beginning but may continue during the entire development phase.

Different ways we offer business analysis

Our approach is flexible and pragmatic.  For ArchOver we allocated a full-time business analyst to this peer-to-peer lending start-up to analyse and specify a range of complex requirements.  For the European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS), a scientific and professional association, our analysts defined detailed functional requirements and specifications for their membership, conference and training software.  For FARA ASA, a Scandinavian public transport fare collection system, one of our consultants travelled the five network regions to assess and validate the requirements on the spot.  We do whatever is necessary to get the right result.

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