A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

We believe that user interfaces should be so intuitive that users don’t have to think twice about what they should do or why something is there.

User Experience is not just good design. A designer can surely make something look good. But user experience is so much more. In fact, beautiful design can sometimes even distract the user.

Instead, to create good user interfaces, you need to focus on the user’s need and the user’s journey through the application. To develop great user interfaces, you need to be an expert of many trades. There is a bit of psychology, design and of course a lot of technology involved. But user experience is even more than that. In today’s world applications must run on mobile first but also on the desktop. The same application should be great to use on all devices, and also be fast enough since performance also matter.

But developing good user interfaces is not something which is done only by design. Most of the time you need to test against users, and agile methodology fits perfectly to do this. By testing interfaces, using A/B tests, measuring using heat maps and other means it is possible not only to create good user interfaces but truly great ones.

We believe that excellent user experience is a coming together of business and experience analysis, marketing, graphical design, information architecture and engineering. We work with clients and ideally end-users to understand what their customers’ UI, Usability, and UX needs are from the products, applications, websites and mobile applications that we design, engineer and build. We also collaborate with specialised design and user experience agencies.

We have worked both with start-ups and large organisations and corporates to design great user interfaces.