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Proactive Support of Conference Management Software

In the realm of software development, we often envision teams seated behind screens, immersed in lines of code and algorithms. The idea of actively running around a physical location, offering on-the-ground support, seems almost like an alternate reality. But this is precisely what our onsite and back office team from Gislen Software in India is currently experiencing at the EACTS Annual Conference in Vienna. As software providers, we developed Membership and Conference Management Software for EACTS that streamlines virtually every aspect of a membership association, from membership management to training and conferences. Here, we’ll look into the management perspectives behind our onsite support, highlighting the unique blend of preparation, adaptability, and proactiveness that makes it all possible.

The Revival of Real-Life Conferences in the Post-Pandemic World

As we find ourselves in a world gradually rebounding from the challenges of the pandemic, the resurgence of in-person conferences feels almost like a renaissance. There’s an electrifying atmosphere, a sigh of relief, and a sense of reclaiming what was temporarily lost. EACTS Annual Conference in Vienna is a prime example of this phenomenon, with many thousand doctors and exhibitors from around the globe gathering to engage, learn, and network.

Not only do these events signify a return to normality, but they also offer a renewed appreciation for face-to-face interactions that virtual platforms, despite their merits, can’t fully replicate. It’s clear that real-life conferences are back, and they’re back with a vengeance—eager to provide the kind of meaningful, hands-on experiences that enrich our professional lives.

Conference Management Software in Action

In 2015, we commenced developing a comprehensive Association Membership and Conference Management Software tailored for EACTS. The software made its operational debut in Vienna in 2017 and has since been an integral part of EACTS events in Milan (2018 and 2022), Lisbon (2019), and Barcelona (2021), returning to Vienna this year. Designed as an all-encompassing membership and conference management solution, the system facilitates seamless payment of membership fees, profile management, and purchasing training and conference tickets. It also enables efficient check-in processes and badge issuance. Additionally, we have developed mobile applications for attendance scanning and lead retrieval at associated exhibitions. The platform is further enhanced by integrations with various third-party services, including Field Drive face recognition kiosks, CYIM video systems, and the official EACTS conference app from Conference Compass.

Proactive Support for Conference Management Software

When it comes to software support—especially in a high-stakes environment like an EACTS annual conference—being proactive is more than just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. The key lies in anticipating potential hurdles and planning solutions beforehand. Whether ensuring that all phones are adequately charged for attendance scanning or testing the integrations with check-in kiosks, the objective is to eliminate any bottlenecks that could hamper the client’s operations.

Everyone understands that you must provide responsive support, but the importance of proactive customer service is less obvious. According to a Gartner survey, only 13% of customers reported receiving proactive service despite its proven benefits in increasing customer satisfaction metrics like NPS, CSAT, CES, and VES. Implementing proactive customer service has three main challenges:

  • Lack of understanding and buy-in at various organisational levels
  • Inadequately trained customer service reps
  • The absence of a proactive service culture.

It offers actionable insights on overcoming these challenges, such as securing executive buy-in through pilot initiatives and data-driven results and hiring and training staff with a proactive mindset. Interestingly, there are signs of a shift towards proactive customer service to enhance customer loyalty, reduce churn, and create brand ambassadors.

Why Proactiveness Pays Off

  1. Reduced Stress for the Client: Knowing that their software provider is responsive and proactive instils trust and ease.
  2. Efficiency: The more problems you can solve before they arise, the smoother the operation runs, saving time and resources.
  3. Reputation Management: Word-of-mouth is incredibly influential in the B2B space. Proactively delivering your service can earn you a reputation as a dependable partner.

Adaptability: The Second String to Our Bow

Our onsite team is always ready to adapt to last-minute changes or unexpected situations. This is where soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving come into play. Adaptability is crucial when coordinating between stakeholders, from exhibitors needing help with lead retrieval scanning to temp staff using the various systems for the first time.

The Team: The Foundation of Success

Behind any successful onsite support endeavour lies a cohesive and well-prepared team.

  1. Pre-Conference Training: Every team member should be fully versed in the software and the specific objectives of the event.
  2. Delegation and Autonomy: Empower your team members to make decisions quickly. This expedites problem-solving and makes the operation more agile.
  3. Camaraderie and Motivation: A motivated team is a productive one. Regular check-ins, encouragement, and acknowledgement go a long way in keeping the team’s spirit high.

Final Thoughts

Being software developers doesn’t limit us to bits and bytes; it also entails understanding our products’ real-world implications and applications. Offering onsite support at the EACTS Annual Conferences every year is an enriching experience that goes beyond software development. It required a harmonious blend of proactiveness, adaptability, and impeccable teamwork.

Our onsite support for EACTS is very much in line with our moto:

We are ready to serve, walk the extra mile, and add the finishing touch!

— Gislen Software

Our experience has been a testament to the fact that the more we can bridge the gap between digital solutions and human interactions, the more value we can provide to our clients—proving that, sometimes, the best user interface is a friendly face.

If you are interested in software for associations, conferences, and events, please contact us for more information on how we can help.

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