Software service India

e-man – Integration Services

Scandinavian Airlines wanted a service provider with both Swedish and Indian developers.

Intreat – the social gifting platform

We have developed a complete social payment and delivery platform for Android, iPhone, SMS and Web.

ArchOver – Secured and Insured

Think of a model where small and medium-sized business can get loans at lower rates while borrowers can get higher interest rates than the banks offers! Now think of a model where there are almost no risks.

SKF Business Consulting

SKF Business Consulting needed a complete system where projects could be planned in a similar manner as in MS Project, time and status for each task should be possible to report, authorise and invoice.

TNS sifo – Market Research

We have worked with TNS-Sifo on many projects since 2005.

Fara ASA – Public Transportation

A team of three Indians and a Swede were sent to Trondheim and worked together with Q-Frees staff. The product to be developed was based on requirements from five different clients. The Onsite team went through requirements and analysed different parts which should Fara3be outsourced to India.