Since we care about our employees health we started sponsoring employees running Chennai Marathon many years back. In 2014 we suggested to start an annual marathon to MEPZMA (MEPZ Manufacturers Association), MEPZMA is . The idea was well received and in March 2015 MEPZ Run was started. Since then it has been an annual marathon and one of the larger in Chennai. The route is also quite scenic with start and end inside the MEPZ Campus, through the forest behind the MEPZ Campus and along the Chennai Outer Ringroad and the Chennai Bypass. From the beginning there were three different distances; 5km, 10km and a Half Marathon.  The shorter distance has then been shortened to 2km and is mainly intended for children.

The purpose of MEPZ Run is to put MEPZ on the map and to encourage people to live a healthier life. The proceeds goes to planting trees and make MEPZ greener which is well aligned with our values. Therefore we have also been one of the key sponsors for all the five races since 2015!

Below you will find some photos of our staff after running!

MEPZ Run in 2015
Gislen Software staff after finishing in 2015
Large crowd in 2016
MEPZ Run 2017
MEPZ Run in 2019


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