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Empowering Members

Your All-in-One Solution for Association Success & Seamless Conference Management

Confexa is a versatile software solution designed to streamline the operations of associations, enhancing both membership management and event coordination. At its core, the system boasts a sophisticated Membership System, which includes a comprehensive member portal. This portal is a one-stop shop for members to manage their profiles, renew memberships, and stay engaged with the organisation’s activities. The system simplifies committee management and facilitates seamless applications and payments for new memberships.

Equipped with advanced CRM capabilities, Confexa enables admin staff to provide unparalleled member support by ‘impersonating’ users, resolving issues from their perspective. This is complemented by detailed reports and statistics, which offer valuable insights into membership trends. Furthermore, the system allows for the addition and promotion of conferences and seminars, making them readily available for purchase within the membership portal.

Complementing the membership features is the Conference Management System, which transforms how training sessions and conferences are presented and sold. This component supports web and mobile platforms, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users. Key features include a streamlined registration and booking process, robust communication options through email and SMS, and diverse payment solutions.

Membership Management for Associations

The following are the main features:

  • Member Portal: A user-friendly interface allowing members to manage every aspect of their membership experience. It works both for web and mobile.
  • Membership Management: Streamlined processes to apply for, renew, and pay for memberships with ease.
  • Advanced CRM Features: A suite of customer relationship management tools to enhance member engagement and retention.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Comprehensive reporting features to track membership metrics and generate insightful statistics.
  • Event and Seminar Listings: Integration within the member portal to advertise and sell tickets for upcoming conferences and seminars.
  • Impersonation Capabilities: Allows admin staff to log in as members to offer personalised support and troubleshoot issues.
  • Support and Assistance: Dedicated support options to ensure members can fully utilise the system’s offerings.

Conference Management System for Associations

The Conference Management System within Confexa is a robust platform that showcases and facilitates the sale of training seminars and conferences optimised for mobile and web access. Key functionalities include:

  • Registrations and Bookings: An intuitive process simplifying the attendee journey from interest to participation.
  • Payment Solutions: Secure payment system for online purchases and integration with onsite credit card systems
  • On-Site Event Management: Tools and support for seamless event execution, including on-site technical assistance.
  • Event App Integration: Compatibility with Conference Compass for a unified digital event experience.
  • Exhibitor Management: Features to manage exhibitor interactions and track engagement.
  • Mail Merge: Integration with MailChimp for efficient communication campaigns.
  • Video Meetings: Seamless integration with CYIM to facilitate virtual meetings and discussions.
  • Check-In Solutions: Advanced laptop kiosk software supports QR code scanning, facial recognition, and optional integration with FieldDrive kiosks.
  • Staff and Exhibitor Apps: Specialised applications for temporary staff to manage session access and for exhibitors to record visitor data and interactions at their stands and for symposia.

Gislen Software also provides comprehensive on-site support for conferences, ensuring that every event is executed flawlessly and delivers a memorable experience for all stakeholders.

History of Confexa

We first met the EACTS in 2008 and started discussing developing a software solution for them. In 2014, we had a more focused discussion. In 2015, during a week in Windsor, we jointly worked out the scope and requirements of a system. In 2017, the membership part went live. In 2018, we handled the first annual conference in Vienna, and since then, EACTS has been using the software for their entire administration of membership management, training and conferences. The idea to offer the software as a generic solution for associations was there from the very beginning.