Like to beta test a revolutionary AI powered coding assistant?

Not bad for an April fool’s day prank – 13 people clicked through to the beta testing program! Hope you all enjoyed!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ground-breaking new AI tool –! In the wake of OpenAI’s GPT-4 released in February 2023 and Microsoft and Google’s announcements of new AI-based assistants for their respective office platforms, our team has been working developing an innovative tool that will reshape the way developers work. If you want to beta-test the new software, sign up here!

The software is based on our new Generative Pretrained Transformer algorithm called Lirpa.

List of features is designed to revolutionise software development with a suite of incredible features:

  • “Auto-Code” – With just a few lines of code, takes over and writes the entire codebase for your project, dramatically improving productivity and efficiency.
  • “Coffee Break Mode” – Never lose progress again! automatically continues your work during coffee breaks, ensuring seamless development.
  • “Mood-Based UI” – Utilizing advanced AI emotion detection, adjusts the software interface’s colour scheme and appearance based on the developer’s current mood.
  • “Developer’s Dream” – Harness the power of your dreams with our brain-machine interface headset. connects to your brainwaves during sleep, converting dreams into functional code.
  • “Telepathic Bug Reporting” – Say goodbye to lengthy email exchanges and support tickets. enables clients to report bugs by simply thinking about them.
  • “Instant Testing” – tests code changes in real-time, generating unit tests for backend code and automatic test scripts for frontend code. Instant feedback on potential errors and performance issues drastically reduces debugging time.
  • “Code Harmonics” – Transform programming sessions into symphonic masterpieces with’s unique melodies created based on your code’s structure.
  • “Code Fusion” – Experience the next level of pair programming! allows two developers to work simultaneously on the same line of code from different machines, seamlessly merging their ideas and code. is set to redefine software development and take your projects to new heights. Stay tuned for more information on pricing and availability. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on this revolutionary AI tool.

We are looking for beta testers.

Please sign up here!

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