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We enable our clients to meet their strategic business objectives with intelligent software solutions. We work with them to understand, conceptualise, build and support quality software solutions and products. Our service areas for clients span analysis of needs, bespoke software development for the web and mobile web, integration of business systems and integration centres of excellence, user centred design and user experience, payment solutions and collaborative economy initiatives.

We care about our clients

We have since the company was founded in 1994 worked together with many well-known brands and successfully delivered software projects across various domains. Our geographical focus is the Nordic and UK markets. We always prioritise satisfying our client’s needs; that means devoting all our energy and resources to make sure that we fully understand the business and software requirements. We work with clients throughout the software development process to make sure that we always meet the objectives defined. We use agile methodologies extensively, and we also tailor our ISO processes for each project.

Software Development and Integration Services

We have built a learning corporate culture wherein we share knowledge freely; our clients benefit from the combined learning and expertise in the entire team. We consciously train our staff on how to work successfully across cultures. We have very less attrition compared to what is normal in our industry. Our team of qualified software engineers, architects, business analysts and project managers can work with you in different engagement models.

Blended Outsourcing

We have successfully pioneered an engagement model which we called blended outsourcing. Blended outsourcing means that we collaborate with local expert partners in Europe. The purpose of this is to make sure that clients engage with and benefit from a seamless team made up of local and offshore experts. In this way, we can build a high-quality, cost-effective, holistic solution.

Our commitment to our clients and employees

What makes us stand out is our total commitment to our clients and employees. We have very long-term relationships with our clients and among the lowest attrition rate in our industry. We have always tried to be a good corporate citizen with a strong focus on business ethics. That means that we try to minimise our environmental footprint and we contribute to the less fortunate in our society. We support Little Lambs Educational Trust which runs a school and homes for underprivileged children.

Our clients

Over the years we have delivered outstanding software solutions and services to the following companies:

ABB, Action Dialog Partner, AirBusiness, Almasoft, ArchOver, Aros Development, Artios, The Swedish Board of Agriculture, Clarendo, Conevo, Dapresy, EACTS, EIMS, e-Man, ENFO, Enera, Fara, Feltons, Finja Five, Fronesys, General Electric, Intreat, Kantar-Sifo, Kennel Club of India, Lennandia, NetCompetence, Netledger, OpenIT, Pinegrove Software, PostNord, Q-Free, Robert Gordon University, Scandinavian Airlines, SIBS, SKF Business Consulting, Svensk Byggtjänst, Webstix, X-Change, Xoanon Analytics and Zondervan

We stand on our toes to serve, we walk the extra mile and we add the finishing touch!

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