Happy Earth Day! Lets improve the environment!

Everyone speaks about the environment! At Gislen Software, we are serious about reducing our business’s effect on the environment. We started reducing our footprint many years back. In the last six months, we have replaced all light tubes with LED. We have replaced our ineffective air conditioners and bought new effective ones with the lowest possible power consumption.

We plan to invest in more solar panels on our roof. Companies have not been doing enough to reduce their footprint. In a recent UN report, it was even found that most businesses would not be profitable if they considered the future cost of their environment impact. In India, fossil fuels are still the most common source of electricity hence we believe that reducing our electricity consumption with better equipment and using solar panels is the best way we as a company can contribute to a better environment. We want to be honest and say that we still have a long way left to go, but even if we take baby steps, they are in the right direction!

Here are some tips on how to take better care of the environment:

☑  Use Less Paper whenever, wherever possible.
☑ Print only when needed as a hard copy and do it best (using the settings like both sides, shrink the page, etc.).
☑ Say NO to ATM receipts. (we can still check our balance on the screen, so we lose nothing at all!)
☑  Avoid encouraging the use of plastics in stores (Let’s bear the tiny pain of carrying the bag to shops so that our earth may have less toxicity in her heart)
☑  Try to use public transport (Even if you do it very rarely, just for a change of feeling.. It saves carbon footage and your effort counts)
☑  Use electricity and other resources only on demand. Turn off the switches when your devices are done charging. Turn off air conditioners, lights, fans, etc., when they are not needed.
☑  Use online resources effectively for everyday usage. Using sites like slide share will be an excellent alternative for handing out printed PowerPoint sheets to your audience.
☑  Try to make the proper use of every resource you can only to the amount you need.
☑  Check and maintain the correct air pressure in your tyres to an optimum level. It reduces fuel wastage as well as saves you a little more mileage.
☑  Turn off laptops when not needed(Please avoid keeping them asleep for a long time)
☑ Contribute to tree plantation in any way possible for you. Choose sapling plantation, volunteering in garden work/or any services that help our environment become greener and healthier!!
☑ Plant trees around your home. Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air-conditioning by 30%.

Let’s do something worth taking pride in.

Let us not forget that the fresh air and clean water we enjoy today are built with the sweat of our ancestors. It’s time for us to do the same for our future generation.

The Gislen Software CSR Team

PS. Do you live in Chennai? Do you want to join us? We are, at the moment recruiting .NET developers and integration specialists.

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