Chennai Marathon 2014

WCM2014-formalA large group from our company participated in Wipro Chennai Marathon on December 7, 2014.

As part of our Employee Welfare programmes we encourage our staff to be physically active. As software professionals we are sitting all days and to counter the negative sides of this we are trying to be an active company.

For some years at 4-5 pm some of us go out for a walk or a run in the MEPZ campus around our office. Once a year we sponsor staff who want to participate in Chennai Marathon but some of us participate in other races as well. To sign up for a race demands some commitment to regular exercise and therefore it is easier to be continuous.

This year we bought a company t-shirt and totally we were 21 who ran, whereof 17 who ran 10 Km and 4 who ran the half marathon. A few spouses ran as well! Wipro Chennai Marathon is the second largest sports event in the country after Mumbai Marathon and this year more than 12 thousand people participated in a 10 Km race, a Half Marathon and a Full Marathon.

All our staff successfully completed their race and hopefully next year we would get even a bigger participation. More have also promised to participate after seeing these people in action. We are motivated and we are waiting for many more marathons.


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