Collaboration with Epical Group

Gislen Software and e-man have started a strategic partnership. e-man has since 2007 worked with outsourcing in close collaboration with developers in India and the Philippines. e-man has, in these projects, learned to understand the challenges and the opportunities of such close collaboration. During recent years there has been increasing demand from the market that e-man must be able to scale up the number of resources and reduce the costs for certain services. As a result, e-man looked out to find a collaboration partner to meet the client’s needs and requirements.

In connection with some of E-man’s latest integration, and support agreements, clients have directly demanded increased service regarding support, governance and development of applications.

e-man is very happy and is looking forward to this collaboration with Gislen Software and its employees. The objective is to build a dedicated team in India which, together with E-man’s support organisation in Sweden, will ensure that the clients get a first-class service that works and can resolve incidents quickly and with high quality.

About Gislen Software

Gislen Software was started by the Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Gislen and has provided outsourced development services since 1994. Gislen Software has a team of excellent developers in Chennai (Madras) in South India which focuses on high-quality solutions to help clients to reach their critical IT needs. The company has very low employee attrition and is certified per ISO 9001:2008 Tick-IT. Gislen Software also trains its employees to work across cultural barriers successfully. Among its clients are TNS-Sifo, SKF, and Norwegian Q-Free.

About e-man

e-man is a consulting company offering qualified IT services such as System development, system integration and governance of integration platforms. e-man has offices across Sweden in Örebro, Västerås, Stockholm and Göteborg. The company was founded in 2000 and has served clients such as SAS, ABB, TeliaSonera, Strålfors, Systembolaget, PostNord, Outokumpu etc.

Since this was written, E-man has been acquired by Enfo Group, which later changed its name to Epical Group. However, our collaboration is continuing in the same manner.

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