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Discover how to securely access Azure Key Vault secrets within Azure Logic Apps using Managed Identity.

This article is intended to help developers on learning how to ensure a robust pipeline without exposing sensitive information in the configuration.

This comprehensive guide teaches you how to enhance security by using Azure Event Grid to trigger alerts for expiring secrets in Microsoft Azure.

This article helps you to enhance security with Azure Integration.

Azure Managed Identities

Explore the power of Managed Identities for Azure resources. Learn about System-assigned and User-assigned identities, their advantages, limitations, and applications.

This article also includes tutorial for creating and using Managed Identities to secure your Azure resources.

Explore the journey of developing a custom jQuery grid component in this article.

Discover the key features necessary for a grid control, including performance, UI, cross-browser support. Also, gain insights into the application of the grid component in real-world projects.