Corona S-Index

We have together with our partner company Previsions Software developed a number of maps to help us all instantly understand the severity of Covid19 in different parts of the world. If you click on any of them you will get a full-screen interactive version. You can then click on any district, state or country and get additional data. All numbers are relative to the population of each country, state or district. And the numbers are all presented per 100 000 (Lakhs). 

We are all tired of Covid19 and want to go back to our “normal” lives. Thanks to vaccinations, there is significantly less risk to become severely sick or die with Covid. We have now hopefully reached a more pleasant situation which will allow the vast majority of us to return to a more enjoyable life. However, although things are normalising, Covid is not gone, there may come more strains and waves and we need to learn to live with Covid for the foreseeable future. So we advise you to stay up to date by using our S-Index maps.

How to live a “normal” life

With vaccines, the risks of severe disease when acquiring an infection is much less. Which is great! However, it is still advisable to avoid contracting an infection. As part of the new “normal” life, it’s essential to know the current level of covid conditions and the relative risk of acquiring an infection – A risk that will vary over time and geography. S-index™. The higher the S, the higher the relative risk of acquiring an infection. Both the current infection level and the reproduction number R is part of building the S-index™. This gives the S-index™ the power of being predictive. The S-index™ offers insights about the next week instead of the last week or the week before the last week! It’s predictive in its nature and gives you insights into where covid is heading instead of where it was. For further insights into the S-index™, see our description.

Choropleth Maps

We started using our S-index™ for data from Scandinavia almost one year back, and it has helped us do precise easy to understand forecasts for the Covid situation. In the last few months, we have made it available globally. We do this using choropleth maps to show the Severity level with colours for each country/state. The maps above use our S-Index™ which are based on up to date Covid data that we acquire from the best sources on an hourly basis. The maps are interactive and automatically updated every hour. Just move the cursor to your country of choice, and you will get deeper insights into why the country Severity colour is what it is. We hope you will appreciate them!

Regardless of where you live or travel, we hope the S-index™ will help to increase your insights and ability to navigate forward with new predictive data instead of getting stuck in old historical data. The maps are built with our algorithms but using official country data from or We do our best to present the most accurate status possible for every country. However, as countries test and collect test data differently and with more or less ambition, the quality of results may vary somewhat from country to country. We hope you will feel empowered with the S-index™ Maps. We use it our self a lot. Our new safety belt and our new umbrella are good to have when it’s raining viruses. Thanks for your visit. We appreciate your feedback!

This website is built collaboratively by Previsions and Gislen Software. Our joint ambition is to use our skills in analytics and software to help individuals and organizations to navigate the Covid pandemic. We want to empower you all to live as close as possible to a “normal” life.

In case of comments or questions, please contact us.

Data Sources for S-Index™

To produce our S-index™ maps we use and derive our own data from various publicly available data sources. All are publicly available and permitted to be used in the matter we use them. Some of them are open source. For some of them, it is required to give attribution and we have therefore listed all our sources. All maps and items on this site are produced by us and most numbers are aggregated from the sources. Therefore all the material we present is owned by Previsions Software Limited. We allow free usage of our maps as long as the maps are provided free of charge and attribution is given to our company and this website as the source.

  • Our World in Data – Details
  • New York Times – Details
  • Swedish National Health Authority – Details
  • Statistics Sweden – Details
  • gov.UK Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the UK – Details
  • Statista – Details
  • – Details – Covid19tracker is supported by IIT Hyderabad
  • covid19tracker is a clone of the original – a complete list of sources
  • If other sources are not available, we may be using data directly from states or from the Indian Health Ministry.