If you want to visit our office by car, please take National Highway 45, drive to Tambaram Sanatorium, approximately 7km south of the airport, and enter MEPZ (Madras Export Processing Zone). From there, follow the suggested route marked with red. Our office is in SDF 2. Google map link

  • Enter MEPZ Gate, pass the checkpoint and follow the road.
  • After passing the water tower and the park, turn left towards the lake.
  • Follow the road past the lake
  • Take a right at the end of the lake
  • Follow the road, take the second exit, and drive into the SDF building.
  • Our office is on the first floor opposite HTC.

Please note that it is also possible to park at our company parking place under a roof outside the SDF 2 building. Alternative driving routes are shown on the maps.

You can either drive into the SDF 2 building or park along the southern side of the building.