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Business Startups: Common Pitfalls and Successfactors

We have 30 years of experience helping Startups succeed!

Here are some common reasons for failures such as survivor bias and trying to emulate someone else’s success and some methods to succeed are Skin in the game, PoCs and MVPs.

Cloud Cost Management

Unlock the secrets of efficient cloud cost management for SMEs. Discover proven techniques to monitor usage, optimise storage, and streamline compute resources.

We want to help you take control of your cloud costs. Please contact us for a free consultation!

Event management software

Gislen Software’s unique approach to providing onsite support at the EACTS Annual Conference in Vienna. Highlighting the importance of proactiveness, adaptability, and teamwork,

We developed EACTS Event Management Software and support them for their annual conferences.

Find great IT supplier in India

India has long been a powerhouse in information technology and software services, and has established itself as a destination for European businesses seeking high-quality software services.

This article explores how to benefit from developing software in India.

Open Innovation

Open innovation is a key to growth and a in getting more value in outsourcing. When parties join forces with distinct and complementary strengths, remarkable results can be achieved.

This article also shows how mitigation of cultural challenges can yield even more value!

Expertise and Cultural Synergy

The general outlook may look bleak, but startups are still confident about the opportunities and are looking at outsourcing as a strategy.

In this article we share what we believe startups needs to consider in order to succeed with outsourcing of software development

Streamlining Success: How DevOps Practices are Accelerating Software Development and Deployment

At Gislen Software, we have worked with various Agile methodologies and practices for many years. We know how to use and apply them for offshore software development.

This article gives an overview of DevOps, and how to use it to succeed with software outsourcing.