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Cybersecurity in 2023

Discover the current state of cybersecurity, the implications of AI, and the importance of a proactive approach in threat detection.

We cover the present landscape and explain the present situation, and we explore methods for more secure approaches in the digital age.

Web Scraping Threats

Discover the threat of web scraping and learn how to safeguard your business.

This article gives an understanding of scraping attacks and some strategies to combat them, including CAPTCHA, rate limiting, and Web Application Firewalls

To improve your Password Security, you can use a picture to memorise a complex password made up of combined irrelated words.

I attended IT SMF Expo in Stockholm in 2022. In one of the seminars David Jacoby, a famous Swedish hacker, shared some tips on how to improve password security. I have tried to share what I learned but have done so with a few twists.

Why did I select a picture of a horse for an article on Password Security?