Category: Leadership

Listen understand not to reply and building stronger relationships

How can we embrace empathy, vulnerability, and compassion in conversations and turn mere exchanges into lasting, meaningful connections?

This article is inspired by John DiJulius’ enlightening article, “Meet as a Stranger, Leave as a Friend”

In the last 20 years our attention span has dwindled from 2 1/2 minutes to just 47 seconds, largely due to increased technology use.

This article delves into the real-world impact of this shift, exploring the myths of multitasking and offering strategies to reclaim focus.

Noble-Purpose Leadership

Dive into the transformative world of Noble-Purpose Leadership—a necessary evolution from traditional Servant Leadership.

Discover its core principles, benefits, and real-world applications for driving sustained organisational success and social impact.

Work-Life Harmony

Work-Life Balance doesn’t really work. Instead we need to look for a more holistic way of integrating work and life.

This article suggests to instead look for Work-life Harmony, where life and work are integrated and where you don’t see work as a means to an end but as an important part of your life!


Why do we waste time in inefficient meeting?

Here are some thoughts on having clear objectives, selective attendance, effective leadership, and follow-ups, aiming at transforming meetings from time-wasters to productive, collaborative platforms.

Pioneering and Strategic Paths

Explore the intricate weave of business strategy through the poetic lens of Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’.

Discover how daring to tread the less traveled path can shape your company’s future and make all the difference in this insightful piece on how to make the right decisions.

Becoming a team leader

A personal article on how to become a team leader. It includes thoughtful advises on how to succeed, build a career and how to work with your team to be successful!

Reflect on your journey, embrace pride, overcome setbacks, acquire skills, and embark on a growth-filled exploration!