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Workplace disengagement is increasing. This article, highlights the importance of cultivating a supportive culture fostering individual initiative to reignite employee motivation and productivity.

Insights for both employers and employees!

The Enneagram model can help to manage the corporate culture, boost team dynamics, and navigate business challenges effectively.

This article explains the benefits of understanding diverse behaviours and their contributions to the common good.

Let’s face it, getting the right fit for the job is not always a walk in the park. Some candidates radiate an outstanding vibe that shows they will be a great asset while their records speak otherwise. Some will have inch-perfect qualifications who have few soft skills. Even after decades of revolutionary transformation in hiring practices, the real basic technique on how to hire great people remains a tough row to hoe.

The Indian IT industry has very high attrition rates. However, at Gislen Software we have about 2-5%. This article tries to analyse why our employees stays.