How to start using Agile Development?

Agile teams produce high-quality software faster and better and at lower cost but changing to an agile paradigm can be a challenge. This article motivates why and how to move towards agile and how we made the journey.

Penetration Tests and Data Security

This document gives an overview of Penetration tests, attack vectors and how we develop for and are helping our clients to harden Microsoft Dot Net applications ahead of penetration tests. The document is not comprehensive but is intended as an overview.

Think you’re a good software developer? Try our checklist

Good software developers are the unseen hero’s of this world. Good developers bring functionality and information in ways that are gloriously helpful (and bug free). See how many check boxes you strike off in our good developer checklist to inspire and challenge yourself. Maybe you too are a hero of the night.

Developing a jQuery grid component

If you develop web applications it is always tricky to find suitable controls.