Category: Artificial Intelligence

We understand that Information Technology changes the society we live in. Artificial Intelligence came about in the 1950’s and from the beginning, it was understood that the technology would have a transformational impact on society. However, it is only in the last 20 years the impact has truly been seen and the next 20 years will be truly revolutionary. We believe there are substantial risks but also opportunities.

AI can be used to better our worlds in so many ways and it would be wrong not to use it for good. At the same time, there will be negative externalities such as lost jobs and all of us have to understand this to ensure that we are building a better world and not a scary one. We have tried to do some basic research and in this category, we have produced some articles to give an overview of what the technology is and how it may impact society.

At Gislen Software we want to help to shape a better world. We want to learn and help companies and people to use technology for good purposes. We are building our competence and as we do this section will be populated with various articles related to the subject.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for more than 50 years. But the use and the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has exploded in recent years. This is mainly based on the hardware development which has provided the necessary performance. This article gives an overview of the past and current development and some of the benefits and concerns of the expected development.

Autonomous or self-driving cars have made major inroads over the last few years. Nobody need a crystal ball to understand that there will soon be one in a garage near to you. Or perhaps it will not even need one. Autonomous cars already drives safer than humans.

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