Skin & Tonic is an organic skincare pioneer. Jointly, we redefined their digital strategy, harnessing Gislen Software’s acumen to develop a robust and scalable eCommerce platform. Through our collaboration, we showcased innovation and strategic insight. Driven by a pursuit of digital excellence, the partnership with Skin & Tonic broke new ground, leveraging our combined expertise to create an advanced, state-of-the-art online platform.

About Skin & Tonic

Skin and Tonic, a pioneer in organic skincare since 2015, wants to be a beacon of health and environmental stewardship. Championed by Jodie Kidd, the brand exemplifies a “Fewer is Better” ethos. Their commitment extends to reducing plastic waste, maintaining carbon neutrality, and utilising recyclable packaging.

The Challenge: A Need for Digital Transformation

Skin & Tonic initially envisaged a simple task: crafting an eCommerce website. However, it soon became evident that a more comprehensive approach was required. The solution needed to be distinctive, technologically advanced, scalable for international growth, and seamlessly integrated with the supply chain.

The Turning Point: Gislen Software’s Strategic Intervention

Skin & Tonic turned to Gislen Software, with whom one of the promoters had prior positive engagements. Gislen Software’s proactive approach, including a strategy session in London, led to the rapid development of a Magento-based eCommerce platform that went live within three weeks.

The Solution: A Cutting-Edge eCommerce Platform

Choosing Magento as the foundation, Gislen Software quickly mastered the platform, developing custom plugins and integrating key components like Stripe and integrations with the supply chain system. This partnership has also birthed AI-driven features, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

The Outcome: Rapid Delivery and Strategic Synergy

The collaboration culminated in significant milestones that reshaped the skincare brand’s digital landscape. These achievements are encapsulated in four key areas:

  • Swift Launch: Demonstrating exceptional agility, Gislen Software expedited the launch of Skin & Tonic’s eCommerce site, showcasing its ability to deliver high-quality solutions promptly.
  • New B2C Channel: This partnership enabled Skin & Tonic to establish a direct-to-consumer channel, broadening their market reach and enhancing their sales and marketing capabilities.
  • Mastery of Magento: Gislen Software’s rapid adaptation and mastery of Magento, a new platform, highlighted their technological versatility and commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.
  • Strategic Partnership: The collaborative effort between the two companies fostered a symbiotic relationship, leading to significant technical and business advancements.

Conclusion: A Partnership Driving Innovation

This case study illustrates the successful collaboration between Skin & Tonic and Gislen Software, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating digital landscapes. Together, we have achieved a robust eCommerce presence and set the stage for continuous innovation and growth.

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