The Planter project tool is for those who professionally plan and design landscapes and gardens. When using Planter, your work with plants will become streamlined and structured, and your deliveries will be quality assured and sustainable.

About the Client

Planter Norden AB is a young company with the ambition to improve the processes and ways of working in the gardening industry. The company works closely with different target groups to find the needs of these groups. They also cooperate with nursery schools for an updated list of plants for outdoor.

The platform was launched in January 2019 and has been developed into a comprehensive digital tool that contributes sustainability through quality-assured deliveries, time savings, and value add for its customers.

The platform owners have worked together for the last five years and have various experiences, which is one key to success.

A summary of the opportunity and problem solved

A Swedish developing company developed the platform during 2018-2020, which is now being acquired. They did a good job, but the owner of Planter Norden AB wanted more value for the investments and looked out for a quality-driven outsourcing partner. After trying us, the Gislen Software AB, for a period, the company decided to give Gislen Software the responsibility for the platform. Since then, we have enhanced the application quality by introducing new features and redesigning existing modules focusing on minimalism. We have improved security by implementing a two-factor authentication process that uses an app-generated code. We have also built a mobile application version from scratch, making it easier for end users to access Planter.

A summary of the solution

A senior business associate from Gislen Software collaborated closely with Planter Norden AB to conceptualise and build an agreement on the general requirements. Development was done using an agile process. The solution was functioning but required significant changes. It was built in jQuery technology to make it work on mobile devices. We are right now in the process of migrating the platform to react to prepare it for other expected new features and internationalisation.

Over the years, Gislen Software has helped to develop several impressive features that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Two-factor authentication that uses an app code for secure login
  • Floating license that enables connecting more than one user account for a license
  • Copy project that clones a project and all its data
  • The Admin screen has been redesigned to simplify license and user management
  • Switch license to upgrade licence.
  • Bulk import for users in education customers
  • State maintenance for project tags
  • Blooming chart a downloadable pdf that pictorially describes the flowering seasons of plants
  • User export that exports information for planter administrator
  • Audit Logs that help the Planter admin monitor the application usage
  • Image watermarking that protects Planter resources

Benefits gained and business value delivered

Over the years, Planter’s original platform has been improved in various ways to create and add more user value.

The association between Planter Norden AB and Gislen Software AB has proved excellent and mutually beneficial. Planter Norden has found Gislen Software as a provider, to be reliable and fast on feedback throughout the process. Charlotte Ljungblad, Managing Director of Planter Norden AB, says: “The team at Gislen Software is always ready to understand, ask questions when they are hesitant to do anything, come with suggestions on deliverances, and are kind, understanding and eager to learn and understand the Swedish way of working”.

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