Dineflow was started in 2018. It has a strategy to provide automation and customer relationship solutions for restaurants. It has managed to provide its solution to more than 10 restaurants in Sweden as a white-labelled app.

A summary of the opportunity and problem solved

Think of yourself sitting in a full sports bar watching football. You can’t see any waiter around where you sit, and you want to order a beer. If you have been there, you know that it can be difficult. Not any longer at selected locations in Sweden. You can use any of the Dineflow apps, order food and drinks pay with a click and give your table number. Within minutes the drink or the food will be on your table. Not only did the ordering and delivery take less time, but there is also no longer any need to get a waiter for settling the bill.

A summary of the solution

Pizza from Fredos Pizzagastronomia
Pizza from Fredo’s Pizzagastronomia

The Dineflow app is available for iPhone and Android. The following functionalities are available:

  • Selecting from which outlet in a chain you want to order
  • Different menus such as lunch, dinner, drinks
  • Selection of table to get the food delivered directly to your table
  • Take-away with date & time for pickup
  • Home delivery with date & time and address for delivery
  • Payment solution for various cards
  • Delivery to the table
  • Tax receipt in the app
  • Integration with restaurant POS system including blocking menu items which are out of stock
  • Marketing functionality with push notifications and special personalised offers based on preferences and time

The Dineflow solution is available in ten restaurants across Sweden. Apart from sport-bar chain John Scott’s, pizzerias Fredos Pizzagastronomia, Belugia and other restaurants use the solution not only for in-restaurant ordering but also for take-away and home delivery of food.

The solution has been developed using an agile process. Over the years based on the customer’s need and innovative suggestions from the Dineflow team and Gislen Software, the product has become what it is today.

Gislen Software has taken full responsibility for all technical development. The Server solution is developed in Microsoft Dot Net technology installed and hosted in a redundant cloud solution on Microsoft Azure. The app is a cross-platform app developed in Xamarin.

The development methodology has been agile and based on Scrum. The server solution is cloud-based. The Dineflow service is scalable and can quickly grow to support thousands of restaurants.

Currently, the solution is only available in Sweden but watch this space. We are working to help Dineflow launch the app in other markets soon.

Benefits gained and business value delivered

Dineflow’s solution automates the ordering, payment and delivery processes. With upcoming marketing features, we believe Dineflow will be able to add significant strategic value to the restaurants business. Unlike most other businesses, restaurants have very little ability to know their customers’ needs and preferences or to create loyalty beyond using interpersonal relationships. When customer orders using an app, it is possible to understand what each customer prefers and need and to give individualised offers or special offers at different times of the day or week.

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