BeeScanning is a one-of-a-kind solution developed specifically for the global community of beekeepers. By utilising state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, this ground-breaking app detects varroa mites, parasites known to wreak havoc on honey bee colonies. BeeScanning’s core functionality is based on imaging live bees on hive frames, enabling the app to analyse bee health, note the status of hives, record work performed, and aid in planning future tasks.

The Client and the Product

BeeScanning is a globally-recognised application that has earned 17 Swedish and international awards, demonstrating increasing awareness of the critical importance of bees.

BeeScanning has developed a revolutionary solution for beekeepers around the world. This unique app uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to detect varroa mites and other parasites that can devastate honey bee colonies. The app enables beekeepers to quickly check the health of their bees, utilising an utterly bee-friendly methodology. The app analyses the health of the bee hive status and the bees by taking images of live bees on the hive frames, noting work done, and helping plan future tasks. Regular inspections allow the app to determine if the number of parasites is increasing, decreasing or stable. This helps the beekeepers take action early and avoid taking action for bee hives with bees resistant to parasites.

Users can try the application for free over two weeks, following which they can choose to continue with a monthly or yearly subscription.

The Opportunity

Over several years BeeScanning developed an app and an AI backend solution with the help of Örebro University. However, several issues, including usability challenges, performance and some hiccups, hurt the conversion rate and made users leave the platform after some time. The chairman of BeeScanning had worked with Gislen Software earlier and suggested that Beescanning should ask for our help. The primary objective was to enhance user experience and improve the efficiency of image processing. To this end, we zeroed in on refining the overall process of image uploads during hive analysis and re-analysis and improving the processing of scanned and uploaded images.

BeeScanningThe Solution

The Gislen Software team undertook several significant steps to enhance the BeeScanning application, which included identifying and upgrading several obsolete libraries within the app’s codebase. This paved the way for the release of updated versions packed with essential improvements and refinements. In addition, during hive and re-analysis, a deep-dive analysis of the application’s image upload process identifies the root cause of delays and occasional upload failures. We rectified these issues by refining the logic in the queueing mechanism of images and implementing these improvements in both the AWS infrastructure and the app. The media validator API endpoint, crucial for managing the uploading of bee frame images, was experiencing delays due to increasing server load. Our team addressed this by optimising the AWS server to handle the higher load more effectively.

We also helped BeeScanning make significant improvements to the app’s UI, handling backend subscription issues and even communicating directly with BeeScanning’s users to resolve issues they faced with their subscriptions. In addition, our team assisted BeeScanning by analysing statistics in their Google Analytics account, which aided in identifying users and encouraging them to upgrade to the latest version of the app.

Benefits Gained and Business Value Delivered

Our partnership with BeeScanning enhanced user experience, improved image processing efficiency, and streamlined image upload. These changes have significantly impacted the overall user experience, increasing customer satisfaction. Our continuous and transparent communication with the client ensured that concerns were promptly handled. The client greatly appreciated this approach and expressed satisfaction with the collaboration. Björn Lagerman, Managing Director of BeeScanning, said;

Based on my experience with the work that Gislen Software has delivered, I am delighted and confident in continuing to collaborate and entrust more work to the ever-alert developers and management team in the future.

In conclusion, our association with BeeScanning has proven to be mutually beneficial, helping them optimise their application and service to their users while providing Gislen Software with invaluable experience in optimisation and customer service.

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more or if you want help with software development! You can also contact BeeScanning here if interested in their products, or go to their web page and download the app!

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