We have a strong commitment to our local community to be a positive force and help build a better society. We do this by donating money in particular to education, reduce our environmental footprint by using solar panels on our roof, and through various practical initiatives.


As our international software business has grown, and we have enjoyed success, we have a responsibility to help those who are not as fortunate. We want to give something back to our local community here in Chennai, so we have founded the Little Lambs School which is helping underprivileged children of North Chennai to gain a good start in life.

We have reduced our electricity consumption by installing the most effective air conditioners, insulated our units, installed low energy light and installed solar panels on our roofs not only to reduce our carbon footprint but also to reduce the effects of local power cuts. Totally we have reduced our power consumption from the grid with more than 40%

Apart from that we also get our staff involved in different projects and activities including visiting schools, children’s homes, hospitals, blood donations, collecting old clothes, etc. We have also from the time the company was incorporated had a strict policy against any form of corruption.

We have also taken initiatives to help improve employees health by setting up a gym in the office, encouraging employees to participate in marathons and having daily walk/run in the export zone our office is located in.

The new Companies Act of India stipulates that large companies must use a few percentage of their profit for CSR activities. At Gislen Software we started this many years back and we see it as a part of a holistic way of running a business.

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