Our main business is Software development. We work collaboratively with our clients helping them to meet their business goals. 


We help our customers develop, support and maintain quality software that meets their business imperatives. Whether it comes to developing software from scratch, re-engineering existing software or migrating software to new platforms or architectures, we are equally adept. We always make sure that software developed is adequately tested and conforms to all non-functional requirements

We usually use agile methodologies. Continuously collaborate with our clients helps us to make sure that all project goals are met. We have various technical competencies.

What we have done

We have developed a novel crowdlending platform for a peer-to-peer lending startup that disrupts traditional borrowing and lending mechanisms. We support the world’s largest market research company in their software development and maintenance needs across their various business areas.

We can help from the start of a project right through to its conclusion. Our business analysts can help with analysis, pre-studies and design. We use proven development processes to reduce any risk that might be associated with off-shore development.

As a service business, we know that the customer must always come first. We want to be flexible and responsive to our customers. Therefore, we have set up internal controls to make sure that we complete even the most complex development projects on time and on the budget.

Our Software Developers

We have first class well-educated, English-speaking software engineers who are fully committed to our customers’ development work and trained not only in relevant software technologies but also in how to manage cross-cultural communication. We always try to deliver quality far beyond your expectations. Our delivery centre is located in South India is 5 ½ hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (4 ½ hours for CET). During European summer time, it is one hour less difference. This is an important advantage for our European customers. You can reach us in the office for part of the day, and sometimes we can literally be working for you while you sleep.

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