What is Green IT?

Green IT means using computers and IT resources in a more efficient and environmentally responsible way. Computers, unfortunately, don’t use natural resources efficiently. The entire life cycle from production using raw materials, power to run them and disposing or recycling them at the end of their life.

This apparently goes for every single computer, server, laptop, tablet, etc. But we are in the software outsourcing business. As companies outsource development to countries like India, they tend to miss that there are various sources of environmental effects in the process.

Indian environment

Being in India adds different constraints. While India is investing in impressing solar and wind plants, the reality is that most electricity is still produced from coal. This has multiple adverse effects. The carbon footprint is high, but the coal plants also produce coal particles which are dangerous to humans and nature. Also, a power supply is sometimes infrequent, so most IT companies have diesel generators to manage power cuts and power failures.

In 2012-2013 the power situation in our state – Tamil Nadu – was very poor. We had frequent long power cuts. We decided to and not investing in diesel generators to instead invest in solar panels and more energy-efficient equipment including air conditioners and LED lights. About 40% of our electricity now comes from the sun, and we can manage to run our business even if we have no power during day time and even into the evening’s thanks to battery backup.

We have also invested in video conference equipment to reduce the need for travelling. We are constantly looking for how we can reduce our environmental footprint more. Getting greener is a journey and ours is by no means finished. However, we believe that outsourcing to us means wasting less energy.