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Privacy Policy

We do store personal data about visitors to our websites using cookies and IP addresses. Some of these are from third-party providers such as Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Cloud Flare and HotJar. Data collected in this manner is not used for tracking personal information but to understand which visitors we have, how visitors behave on our site and to improve the user experience. We never look into personal data for any other purpose than what is required, allowed as per our documented policies and to conduct our business and relationships with our contacts which is allowed according to the GDPR. However, we also do allow visitors to opt-out from any such tracking.

We do use contact forms for providing a way for visitors to contact us, or to comment on blog posts. In these cases, we do send personal data to our mail server in India. Any such requests are also stored on our server and may also be stored at HubSpot. You are always presented with a checkbox where you have to accept our privacy policy before sending data.

Our email servers are located in our office in India. We apply all state-of-the-art technologies to protect the data. We only store emails in the servers and on encrypted backup-tapes.

For more details, please check our GDPR compliance page. In this web page, you can see which cookies we have set in your browser. You can request us to provide what personal data we have stored about you. You can also request us to delete any cookie we have set on this website by clicking the button below (Please note that if you want us to delete any data which you have provided using any form on our websites, you must contact us for us to manually delete the data). If you want us to delete any emails sent or received we would do that as long as this is legal and acceptable given valid laws and/or the requirements of the business relationship we may have with you. Emails will generally be retained as long as required and a few years after we last had contact with you. Since we generally have long-lasting relationships with our clients’, e-mails are often retained for longer periods than other data.

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