Gislen Software is made up of a highly motivated team of professionals. We love to do what we do. We are careful with who we employ. We also put a lot of effort to try to get our staff to feel at home and grow and mature. Working in Gislen Software should be a rewarding experience. Our dedicated employees love their work!

Our dedicated employees on a family outing

We spend a lot of time recruiting the right people. We are not only looking for people who have technical talent, but also are good at communication and have a passion to serve. To retain them and help them perform we ensure they get challenging and interesting tasks. We also compensate them well. The company should be a place to grow, mature and mature. We want our staff to be able to stay on top as they grow. As a result we have exceptionally low attrition rate.

At the office we have a gym. We encourage staff to participate in various sports event. We also allow staff to bring their children to office. We have created an environment which supports equality and inclusiveness. As a result we have about 40% female employees. Our employees have different mother tongues and come from different religious backgrounds. They truly represent the Indian cultural fabric.

While our work by nature can be stressful and hard at times, we try to help our staff to get a good work-life balance. We organise different events, in the picture is a photo from one of our family outing with some of our staff and families. Our dedicated employees are working with interesting technologies serving some of the largest customers in the world.

Our dedicated employees have broad experience

Gislen Software is a successful IT company located in Chennai. Most of the clients are found in Europe which means that the time zone overlap is not too bad and unlike those companies working mainly with US our staff rarely have to sacrifice their night sleep. We was the first company with a strong Swedish connection to set up an offshore company in India. Our staff has exposure to various technologies. Clients from Europe frequently visit us and our staff also get the chance to travel to Europe.

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