How to Hire Great People

Let's face it, getting the right fit for the job is not always a walk in the park. Some candidates radiate an outstanding vibe that shows they will be a great asset while their records speak otherwise. Some will have inch-perfect qualifications who have few soft skills. Even after decades of revolutionary transformation in hiring practices, the real basic technique on how to hire great people remains a tough row to hoe.

We are silver sponsors for MEPZ Run 2016

This year we are silver sponsors for MEPZ Run. MEPZ Run is featuring a Half Marathon, a 10Km and a 5Km run. Inside and behind MEPZ. Last years MEPZ Run was a success and we were 2500+ runners who ran. This year the race is on 20/3. This year about 40+ of us will run, it is the largest crowd ever! Many of us are already training in MEPZ in the evenings.

Agile software development principles patterns and practices

What are the Agile software development principles patterns and practices? This article will start you off and give some links to study further. The problem with early life cycle methodologies was that they led to overruns, defects and failed projects. Agile methodologies are iterative and there is learning along the way.

Think you’re a good software developer? Try our checklist

Good software developers are the unseen hero’s of this world. Good developers bring functionality and information in ways that are gloriously helpful (and bug free). See how many check boxes you strike off in our good developer checklist to inspire and challenge yourself. Maybe you too are a hero of the night.